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Dissemination Activities

1 Workshop Progetto LIFE ECOREMED Curiamo la Terra
2 Final conference of Project LIFE ECOREMED
3 Action E2: Seminar on Perspectives for new bioenergy technologies in the robotic era
4 Action D2/D3: Winter school Metodi innovativi per l’analisi e la gestione dei siti degradati e/o contaminati
5 Action D2: LIFE ECOREMED Workshop "Tools and environmentally friendly techniques for the management of contaminated agricultural soils"
6 Action D2/D3: TAKE CARE OF THE EARTH: From research innovative tools to fight the consumption and contamination of soils
7 Action D3: Workshop "Risk assessment of agricoltural polluted soils"
8 Action D3: Conference "Methodology of reconstruction for the recovery of degraded soils: the New Life project"
9 Action D3: Workshop "Analytical methods of environmental quality"
10 Action D3: Summer School 2015
11 Action D2: Meeting with regional authorities - Giunta Regionale della Campania
12 Action D2: Meeting with Municipalities - Acerra
13 Action D2: Meeting with Municipalities - Trentola Ducenta
14 Action D3: Workshop "The eco-remediation of polluted agricultural soils. Techniques and measures for the territory"
15 Action D3: Conference on Waste and economic ecological growth
16 Action D3: Summer school 2014
17 Action E1: The right information on Terra felix (Villa Literno 11 aprile 2014)
18 Action D3: Workshop "The definition of natural background levels (NBLs) in groundwater and soils – Case studies in Italy and Portugal"
19 Action D3: Workshop "Perspectives of energetical and materical valorisation of agricultural and forestry residues"
20 Action D1: Meeting "Take care of land", Parete (CE)
21 Action D3: Conference “Phytoremediation for degraded soils”
22 Action E2: Seminar on PCBs
23 Action E2: Innovative System for the recovery and biochemical monitoring of degraded soils. Grazia Masciandaro (CNR-IES, Pisa)
24 Action E2: The processes of soil degradation in the Italian agricultural or forestry ecosystems; SOILPRO Life + Project: Monitoring for soil protection. Edoardo Costantini (CRA-ABP, Florence)
25 Action D2: Press conference for the presentation of the project