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CIRAM. already activated starting from 01.09.1992 on behalf of the Departments connected to six Faculties Frederick (Agriculture, Architecture, Economics, Engineering, Literature and Philosophy Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Physics), is aimed to promote, coordinate and carry out scientific research and training activities focused on the different components of the environment, with reference not only to technical aspects, but also to the socio-economic nature.

The tasks of the Department of Agriculture of Campania Region are the coordination, management and monitoring of the development and support policies in the regional agricultural sector. Its also aims to promote modernization and increase the levels of competitiveness of the rural, forestry and fishing industry, in full harmony with the protection and valorisation of environment and the preservation of biodiversity. Moreover, it also carries out promotion, advice, information and training actions for rural, forestry and fishing operators and for the consumers in the region.  

RISORSA is a research company that deals with agriculture, land, landscape providing innovative solutions for planning and land management, carrying out studies, projects and research. The Company is organized to provide benefits to private but especially to Public Administrations to write plans and programs concerning rural areas.

The Campania Regional Environmental Protection Agency (Arpac) is an instrumental Authority of the Campania Region, under Law No. 61 of 1994 which reorganized the environmental controls and outlined the network of agencies for environmental protection throughout the national territory. Established with the regional law n.10 of 1998, Arpac develops monitoring, prevention and control aimed to protect the quality of the territory and help overcome many critical environmental issues of Campania. The Agency's activities include institutional supervision and control of compliance with the regulations, the technical and scientific support to local authorities, the provision of relevant analytical performance both environmental and health, the creation of an environmental information system, and also tasks of research and information.