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Martedì 19 Luglio 2016 15:47

D. Ducci
Le acque sotterranee nella "Terra dei fuochi"

B1e. Analisi territoriale.

A. Capolupo, S. Pindozzi, C. Okello, N. Fiorentino, L. Boccia
Photogrammetry for environmental monitoring: The use of drones and hydrological models for detection of soil contaminated by copper
Science of the Total Environment 514 (2015) 298-306


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Chemical Engineering Journal 270 (2015) 519-527

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7th International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management - ICEEM07
18-21 September 2013 - Vienna, Austria

S. Satyro, M. Race, I. Di Somma, R.F. Dantas, M. Dezotti, R. Andreozzi
Photocatalytic Processes Aplied on the Metal and Edds Removal from a Soil Washing Waste
XIV Coloquio Annual de Engenharia Quimica
12-14 November 2014

S. Satyro, R. Marotta, M. Race, M. Dezotti, R. Andreozzi
Simultaneous Removal of Edds, Cu, Fe And Zn from Soil Washing Waste through Combined Photocatalytic Treatments

S. Satyro, M. Race, F. Di Natale, A. Erto, M. Guida, R. Marotta
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Environ Sci Pollut Res, DOI 10.1007/s11356-016-6431-9, 2016

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Copper and zinc removal from contaminated soils through soil washing process using ethylenediaminedisuccinic acid as a chelating agent: A modeling investigation
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 4 (2016) 2878-2891

A. Guarino
Expertise e Terra dei fuochi
Tesi, 2014