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"IMPLEMENTATION OF ECO-COMPATIBLE PROTOCOLS FOR AGRICULTURAL SOIL REMEDIATION IN COAST DOMIZIO-AGRO AVERSANO NIPS", aims to develop and demonstrate the bio-remediation protocol effects of agricultural polluted soils which include growing biomass crops with dual objective of clean-up and produce useful materials for agro-energy and green chemistry.

The waste biomass becomes a source of valuable products such as energy in the form of heat, electricity, biodiesel and material to be returned to soil in the form of compost and biochar in order to contribute the increase of the carbon content in the soil.

The LIFE ECOREMED has as main objective the creation of an operational link between the technological and scientific results produced by the project and land management policies. In this way it intends to support farmers with regulatory and financial tools to promote remediation techniques of degraded agricultural soils can restore the agronomic fertility, multifunctionality and landscape identity.In parallel the skills involved in the various phases of validation of remediation protocols converge through information and technical assistance to local authorities at different levels (municipal and regional).

Brochure Project LIFE ECOREMED

LIFE ECOREMED Layman Report (ENG) / LIFE ECOREMED Layman Report (ITA)
Technical Report LIFE Ecoremed 2012-2014 / Technical Report LIFE Ecoremed 2015-2017

LIFE programme: Winner 2016/17
Biomass for soil rehab (ECOREMED)
Potentially toxic elements found in industrial waste, fertilisers and gasoline are raising public health concerns given the risk of them reaching agricultural fields and making their way up the food chain. Working within the ECOREMED project, researchers from the University of Naples rehabilitated a hectare of contaminated ground in Campania by growing pollutant-removing plants on it. The plants cannot be eaten but they provide biomass for sustainable energy and biodegradable plastics. The land has since recovered and farmers have returned much of it to agricultural use. Project summary.


Italian Journal of Agronomy volume 13(s1) 2018
The Ecoremed protocol for an integrated agronomic approach to characterization and remediation of contaminated soils
Guest editors Fagnano Massimo, Fiorentino Nunzio
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